Use & maintenance


Answers to your questions

Use of the kitchen

The kitchen lives in an environment where water, humidity, smokes and vapors are highly present. Therefore, periodically check that there are no infiltrations between the sink and the structure and between the countertop and the wall. During cooking, use always the hood and remember to replace regularly filters to keep them active and with an efficient absorption.

Products disposal:

At the end of its life cycle do not burn any components of the cabinet, do not disperse into the environment, but call the Local Authority for solid waste disposal for its transport to landfill.

How to clean the wood and the veneer surfaces?

Clean with a soft dampened cloth only with water and thoroughly dry. Avoid chemicals that can damage the protective coating (ammonia, acetone, trichloroethylene, etc), acids and metal cloths. Clean always following the grains, paying attention to not polish cause you will damage the uniform brightness of the surface.

How to clean the laminate and melamine surfaces?

For the cleaning, use a soft cloth with a glass detergent and thoroughly dry. Do not use pastes or abrasives powders, metal cloth, acid-based detergents or other detergents containing wax or silicone that might form rings.

How to clean the lacquered surfaces?

Clean with a soft cloth and water, if the dirty remains use carefully neutral liquid detergents. Never use solvents (acetone, trichloroethylene), alkaline-based detergents (ammonia) and abrasive detergents, cause they could damage the lacquer and its brightness. A light residual color on the cloth could be normal.