• Does Trevisana only designs Kitchens?

    No, we design cabinetries for the whole house. From custom wardrobes and walk in systems, to mudrooms, laundry-rooms and vanities.

  • What is the average time for the completion of your projects?

    It will depend on a few things, such as model and scope of project. Typically once we have started the design process it can take from 10 to 16 weeks.

  • Does Trevisana supply kitchen appliances and plumbing hardware (such as sinks and faucets)?

    Trevisana will design your kitchen according to the appliances of your choice, however, we don’t supply appliances or plumbing hardware. With that being said, we will be happy to assist you on finding the perfect match for your project.

  • What’s Trevisana Kitchen & Interiors warranty policy?

    Trevisana provides comprehensive warranty for a 2-year period from the date of the final installation.

  • What is acrylic?

    This finish material consist of a chipboard support externally covered (exposed part) with 1, 4 mm thickness methacrylate (ABS + PMMA), gloss finish (>80 gloss) and internally with 1, 2 mm thickness embossed methacrylate (polystyrene). Profiles are usually edged with gloss painted ABS edges.

  • What is laminate?

    It is composed of phenolic resins (support) and melamine resins (aesthetic decorative material), glued together to form 0, 6 mm thickness sheets. It is used to cover wooden panels (laminated panels). The laminate in which the thickness of the resin support is more than 1 mm is defined stratified laminate which, thanks to its mechanical properties, can be used as a freestanding panel without being applied to the wooden panels.

  • What is HPL laminate?

    The brand HPL is the abbreviation of High Pressure Laminates. The laminates of this type are defined on the rule EN 438/1 and they have exceptional qualities of hardness and scratch, wear, impact, chemicals agents and fire resistance. They are mainly used for countertops.

  • What is polymer?

    Thermoplastic polymers used in the production of decorative sheets (from 03 to 09 mm thickness) to cover doors and drawers fronts. They may have colored glossy and matt finishes or they can imitate a wood.

  • What is melamine?

    Sheets of paper impregnated with melamine resins. The sheets can be of various colors or imitate the wood grain.

  • What is veneer?

    It is a thin sheet of wood (about 0, 6 mm) obtained by the shearing of trunks. It is used to cover the various wooden panels (MDF, chipboard, solid wood, etc.).

  • What is TSS?

    The Thermo Structured Surface is a thermosetting barriers process, irreversible (it cannot be returned to the initial condition) that allows “to merge” (with special temperatures and pressures) chipboard panels with one or more sheets of melamine with some clichés, creating surfaces with a formidable aesthetic and tactile appearance, exceptional technical performance, extraordinary durability, high resistance to scratches and chemicals substance

  • What is MDF panel?

    It is a medium density fiberboard panel and it is composted by brushwood and wood production rejects. From an ecological point of view this material is highly interesting because their production does not influence of the systematic cutting down of the trees. They are composed by wood fibers obtained by steam and special grinders that are bound with thermosetting adhesives. Those fibers once pressed give the panel good mechanical properties, excellent dimensional stability and compactness along the edges, in order to assist on the production of lacquered or PVC panels or in case we need large surfaces, where the wood may present linearity issues.

  • What is chipboard panel?

    It is defined as wooden particles panel, it uses mainly brushwood and wood production rejects; It’s an eco-friendly product as it does not imply cutting the down of trees. It is composed by chips and wood particles, pressed and glued with thermosetting adhesives. It is commonly used after a veneer process, finishing with melamine paper or PVC/laminated covering, so all materials that give the panel the desired aesthetic qualities. From the mechanical point of view, the chipboard panel has an excellent dimensional stability that makes it indispensable for the use on large surfaces where the use of solid wood would problematic because of its uneven natural form; it is also much lighter than the MDF panel.

  • What is ecological panel?

    It is a recycled wood panel used in furniture production. It is exclusively made with reused wood, with a quality production process that respects the environment and helps to preserve it.

  • What is the meaning of water-repellent?

    In the furniture field are water-repellent those chipboard, MDF or “raw” multilayer panels that resist for a certain period (determinate from the regulations) to the swelling caused by water in the wood fibers. This resistance is not absolute and it exists a scale of value; the maximum value of resistance is V100 that corresponds to the definition of water-repellent panel. Of course other factors such as the kind of melamine and the gluing/sealing of the edges contribute to the water resistance of the panels.

  • What is tempered glass?

    The tempering of the glass is the thermal treatment effected on the glass to increase the properties of mechanical strength and resistance to the thermal shock. The plate is introduced in a oven at a temperature of about 600° and subsequently rapidly cooled by air jets. After the treatment, the glass becomes more elastic, durable and anti-accident because in case of breaking the plate crushes in little harmless fragments.

  • What is acidified glass?

    The acidified system is the process of opacification of a plate, using the hydrofluoric acid.

  • What is satin glass?

    This glass is subjected to a satinizing treatment that makes matt the surfaces of the glass.

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